The History of Luxury Glass Windows in America

Most people don’t know this but the United States has a deep history of manufacturing glass windows. In fact did you know that glassmaking was the FIRST INDUSTRIAL MANUFACTURING plant in North America? The first glass workshop was actually start in 1608 in Jamestown, Virginia. Now this shop would close in only a few short months because well… there wasn’t enough clientele to sell to at that time. The colonies were just getting started.

Finally in 1739 Caspar WInstar founded the first successful luxury glass company. This workshop was located in southern New Jersey and became well known for the elaborate rare wine bottles for the elite.

The 1800s brought on a whole new phase for Luxury glass products. Many manufacturers were now making things such as glass tableware, and other decorative components. This is the timeframe that we begin to see “Art Glass” or etched inlays on buildings and signs. These Luxury glass windows were only for the wealthiest and the most prosperous people at the time. Some homes and estates actually had handcrafted designs inlay in the windows well before computers and lasers were ever imagined.

These trends gave birth to the 1900s and 2000s and we’ve never looked back. Luxury glass windows have taken on a whole new class of product and use cases. From more traditional uses such as folding patio doors to being used on convertible walls of restaurant paitos, its amazing to see what is next.

There are even some luxury glass windows that are used to frame skyscrapers, installed as fully transparent ceilings or solid glass airplane hanger doors. The uses for luxury glass windows are almost endless even some cruise ships have started using them on the hull of their ships!!

We’ve come along way in a few hundred years and we’d have to say the transformation is amazing.

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