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Hydraulic Lift Doors

Hydraulic Lift Doors from Inex

Looking for a show stopping interior, exterior door or wall system without all of the exposed hardware? Then look no further than hydraulic lift doors. Hydraulic lift doors create a seamless transition from one space to another. They leave virtually no trace once open and are more versatile than other interior, exterior systems.

One of the major benefits of hydraulic lift doors is their ability to have large spans on the doors. This can allow for many different uses. We have seen them in many agricultural development settings in equestrian complexes and feed operations. They are very popular among warehouse and distribution centers as they can allow for wide entry ways for large trucks and products.

Lastly, they have caught the eye of aircraft enthusiasts for airplane hangers and aircraft hangar doors at private airports and personal land sites. Because of the versatility in the design, these hydraulic lift doors are perfect for airplane hangers allowing for the ease of way around the wide wingspans of the planes.

Hydaway Walls from Inex

Hydraulic lift doors also have one more advantage when it comes to their versatility and that is they are practically full height. Many other systems have sagging or extra hardware in the way when they are open.

Hydraulic lift doors allow for full utilization of the opening space when they are activated, allowing for unobscured height and opening restrictions.

Custom Hydaway

Custom Hydraulic Lift Doors

Hydraulic Lift Doors from Inex

As you can see from the photos, hydraulic lift doors are quite the show stopper and are beautifully designed and engineered. But you want to take it to the next level? How about customizing a solution unique to you and your space? From hidden stucco walls to hide your favorite car entrance, to a custom opening to make that poolside bar impress the neighbors, all the way to giving your new storefront some curb appeal to attract “more foot-traffic”, the team at INEX can help you!

We have a team of engineers and designers who can dream up and not only create an innovative solution for your space, but also know that any hydraulic door we send out will have been designed with safety in mind.


(We can custom match any solid, wood or simulated wood for your project)

Hydaway Solid Swatches
Hydaway Solid Swatches
Hydaway Wood Swatches
Energy Efficient Glass

Thermally Modified
Glass Doors and Walls

Here at INEX, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of glass inlays for our hydraulic lift doors and wall systems.

Why does the glass matter? When selecting the glass for your project there are many different considerations. More often than not, many other producers just offer the “you get what you get” options when it comes to these product lines.

But here at INEX, we recognize that our clients need products just as unique and customized as they are. Everyone lives life differently, why be confined to a box with the product offerings that you install in your home or business.

There are many considerations.

  • How many panes do you need? Single, double, triple pane glass?
  • Do you live near the ocean or high in the Colorado Rockies?
  • How much moisture is your property exposed to on a yearly basis?
  • Is your property exposed to freezing temperatures or sub zero mountain climates?
  • How about the high desert temperatures of Phoenix or Taos?

Selecting the proper glass is extremely important and the reason is simple: we want to keep the outside, outside and the inside, inside when the wall or door is not in use. Our thermal breaks and vacuum seals are fantastic for this and we have custom options for the most extreme climates.

This is especially important if you intend on using these hydraulic lift doors in all four seasons or if you desire an all glass ceiling. We need to make sure that not only is the glass structurally sound for your use, but also take into account all of the project’s uses and considerations.

Make sure to explain the natural climate exposure to your INEX rep as you design your project. Our glass can be used in all of the INEX product lines so whether you need a folding patio door, premium metal pergola, a luxury sunroom, or a hydraulic lift door, we have you covered!

Hydraulic by Inex